Satelite Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

A delicate OLED light installation by Small Rabbit Design

Applelec recently collaborated with London based studio Small Rabbit Design on the creation of a unique OLED light installation entitled Satelite.

Exclusively created for Clerkenwell Design Week for display in the entrance hall of Fabric Nightclub, Satelite is a concept light for interior use, which can be used as both a desk lamp and hanging luminaire. Illuminated with 400x500mm 3000K flexible OLED light panels, Satelite is created from anodised aluminium and an innovative Japanese plastic paper.

Working closely with the Small Rabbit design team, Applelec’s OLED Project Manager Murat Adnan provided guidance throughout the curation process to help bring the concept to reality, offering expertise on the most suitable OLED light panel and best fixing methods to ensure the desired clean line aesthetic of the paper-thin light would be achieved.




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